6 Reasons to Have Plants at Home

Mon, Aug 31, 2009


We have to grow plants in our homes, because they do more then adding a decorative touch – they add energy to the room. Plants are not just ornaments and we are connected to them so much that on cohabitating with them makes us healthier and less stressed. Studies show that there are at least 6 reasons why you should have plants in your home.


  1. Plants have been proven to reduce stress. In addition to this plants lower blood pressure and heart rate. You can put a little cactus around the computer to absorb the bad influence.
  2. Studies show that plants help people relax and focus, resulting in increased productivity, creativity and problem solving capabilities.
  3. Plants have been known to help increase the humidity, this helps to keep the air in our home from getting too dry. Sometimes when the air is too dry we can get more colds.
  4. Plants help patients recovering from surgery.
  5. Plants have also been known to help clean the air in your home. Some people have recommended that you should keep several house plants in your home just for keeping the air in your home cleaner.
  6. It is said that house plants can also reduce the noise in your home. So if you live in a loud area put out a few plants around your windows to reduce some of the noise you will get in to your home.

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