Amazing Interior Design of a Shoes Boutique

Mon, Aug 24, 2009


The interior of this boutique for shoes, bag and accessories is made by the architects Alexei Haas and Ecaterine Rodionova. To improve the visual proportions of a narrow and elongated space, they took half a meter from the basement. The aim of the architects was to create a harmonious space as a background for the most spectacular demonstration of fashionable assortment. They select walls with dark shade. Parquet is made of walnut with black inserts of wenge and embellished picture of a hexagonal honeycomb gives to the interior light industrial nature. Along the perimeter of rooms were built two tiers of shelves in white, made of plywood. In a white ceiling there are installed two rows of halogen lamps.

Of course, all this only serves as a background for the four egg-shaped stands. They are made with technology, typical for the construction of yachts, and painted with automotive paint for a deep color and glossy shine.

Interior Design of a Boutique in St.Petersburg

Interior Design of a Boutique in St.Petersburg 2

The main success of the project, architects believe that the space looks harmonious. All of its elements relate to each other and work together on a single and memorable image.

Interior Design of a Boutique in St.Petersburg 3

Interior Design of a Boutique in St.Petersburg 4

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