Do you like this Wii U Pro Controller Skin Based on the Breath of the Wild controller by Hori?

Thu, Apr 12, 2018


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[–]bloodbond3bloodbond3 [NA][S] 5 точки

Thanks! I put the design together on Decalgirl. (The name is unfortunate, the products are awesome.)

I also made a New 3DS XL version.

[–]bloodbond3bloodbond3 [NA][S] 4 точки

Sorry for image quality, this is the preview. Will update when I receive and apply the skin.

[–]fallfastasleepNNID [Region] 0 точки

photoshopped or actually made? I remember shopping a bunch of these when smash got announce.. wonder if i can find the files..

[–]2NE1AmiiboNNID [Region] 3 точки

I believe that design is from PowerA not Hori. Hori does have their own off brand controllers too

[–]Esam64 1 точка

That horrible controller don’t deserve this good design, seriously who thought putting both analogs like this a good idea?

[–]unclejosh14 3 точки

I thought it was quite comfortable actually

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