Magnificent House in Kiev, Ukraine

Mon, Mar 28, 2011

Cottage Home

Designed by architect Igor Palamarchuk, this house stands in a pine grove, surrounded near Kiev. The home is located in a large area – 950 м2, almost in the open field, not near any buildings that would prevent the perception of one-piece image.

The idea for the home was the image of a country mansion, the configuration of the facades of which to resemble the shape of the ship. In the end, if you look at this house from the pond that clearly reads silhouette yacht. Driveway ramp is like the deck and outdoor terrace of the second floor is similar to the bridge.

To blur the boundary between home and forest for the interior are used the same materials as the exterior. The interior is dominated by range of colors without the bright, aggressive accents and modern furniture with a touch of retro. Individual items are related to the Scandinavian tradition.




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