Modern Round House in Singapore by Concrete Architectural Associates

Fri, Aug 27, 2010

Modern Home

Dutch architects Concrete Architectural Associates have recently created this home in Sentosa Cove, Singapore. The house is situated on a corner lot with two sides facing a water canal, hence this unique shape. The architect L P Kwee strategically located a free-standing oval shaped living room that made the canal visible….the rest of the home is supposed to serve as a “backdrop” to the oval shaped living room.

There’s various creative inspiration through the house; the large apeture roof, inspired by the Pantheon, the veranda which feels like being at “the hull of a boat”, and the tropical outdoors- giving the entire home an indoor/outdoor feel. The master bedroom seamlessly includes the bed, seating, nightstands into the curvature of the room with modern, clean lines.

The “garage” makes sure that you can marvel at your fancy toys. While most garages are closed off spaces, this one is more like a display case, separating from the foyer with only a glass wall.

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