Open House by Jonathon Segal

Wed, Aug 26, 2009

Luxury Home

Jonathon Segal is American company, one of the most successful residential architectural studio. They designed and built this great family residence. The residence is a stucco box resting on and supported by Corten steel wall planes, providing both privacy and noise attenuation. The main living area is surrounded by a reflecting pool on one side and a glass floor on the other. Below grade, where the office and recreation facilities reside, the glass floor and ceiling liberates the space and allows natural light. The house is open and flowing extending the livable space into the private garden and reflecting pool. Boundaries are dissolved and extended through sliding panels and lightness, transparency, and expansive views. There are more inspirational buildings on the website

Open House by Jonathon Segal 2

Open House by Jonathon Segal 3

Open House by Jonathon Segal 4

Open House by Jonathon Segal 7

Open House by Jonathon Segal 8

Open House by Jonathon Segal

Open House by Jonathon Segal 10


Open House by Jonathon Segal 9


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