Ripple Effect – Modern Tea Table by Studio Hanna & Seo

Mon, Sep 13, 2010


Korean designers Jeonghwa Seo and Hanna Chung are the owners of Studio Hanna & Seo. They have designed the Ripple Effect Tea Table. The tea table attempts to deliver an interface for analyzing the way of considering cultural differences in psychological level through the process of design and form. Business organizations need to be culturally sensitive when entering new markets or tossing out new products. The table imitates the effect of rippling water as soon as we put an object on it.

Ripple eect tea table will be exhibited during Dutch design week 2010 (23. Oct. 2010 ~ 31. Oct. 2010) at Design Academy Eindhoven graduation gallery (Emmasingel 14, 5611 AZ, Eindhoven, Nederland).

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