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eBarrito – Eco Store in Italia by Francesca Signori

Thursday, March 11, 2010


eBarrito – Eco Store in Italia by Francesca Signori

eBARRITO is an Italian green-thinking brand that makes bags and leather accessories. Their stores are 100% ecological, made entirely from cardboard, specially made with beautiful shapes. The walls in the stores are equipped with wavy-style shelving – an effect achieved with interlocking tubular sections and modular lamps resembling bird-cages. The interior design is created by [...]

Great Eco Apartment in Saint Petersburg

Wednesday, October 21, 2009


Great Eco Apartment in Saint Petersburg

Today I present to you another interior of the Russian architect Andrei Shmonkin. This home is made in the spirit of the fashionable eco style as manifested in the choice of materials and a special approach to the organization of the living environment. This apartment is located in a magnificent building in Saint Petersburg, Russia. [...]

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