Tunnel House with Loft Style Interior

Tue, Apr 19, 2011

Modern Home

There is a category of customers, whose aesthetic preferences are not limited to classic or minimalist. For these particular significance interior speaks Igor Palamarchuk, an architect, one of the authors of this project:

The architectural solution is largely due to the place of the house. The house stands on a steep hill from the summit which offers stunning views of the city – Kiev. This idea of ??home is to be a tunnel, with two opposing glass walls. All the beauty is revealed only with apices, and the design turned out not quite traditional. Due to the fact that the area is very narrow, limited to the width of the house by eleven, and length by twenty meters, we have raised the building up to three levels. There are two rows of windows with a cabinet on the second floor and bedrooms on the first floor. In the basement is the swimming pool with gym.

When you look at the building, you realize that it really looks like a tunnel but structurally the idea of ??home-tunnel was not easy. Large open windows are framed by powerful arched frames. At the same time managed to escape the interior walls and additional supports.




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