Use Bar Stools To Make The Kitchen Even More Cozy And Functional

Tue, Feb 19, 2013


Just to start us off so that we are on the same page, a bar stool is a type of handsome-looking stool that is long, narrow and often has a footrest. This unique design probably conjures up an image of those clubs and bars, doesn’t it? Well, recent years have seen these stools becoming more and more common in homes, usually placed at the home cocktail bar or the kitchen counter. Their popularity in homes is probably due to their stylish and unique style, which is certainly better than the traditional stool and their ease in enhancing the decor theme of a house. Simply put, these stools offer a higher view when you are on them as well as add to the overall ambience of the room.

Use of bar stools in the kitchen

The kitchen is where food and dynamism both thrive. That is why over the past years, this home living area has received a lot of attention when it comes to architectural concepts and interior design. It has undergone radical transformation and today’s kitchen includes tasteful decoration and functional furniture, which make it extremely pleasing to the eye and handy to the hands.

You might have noticed that the recent trend that is picking up in most homes is the inclusion of a small home bar in the kitchen or next to it. This bar is usually separated from the dining area and includes stool bars.

A handful of aspects in bar stools make them pretty ideal for use in the kitchen area. When you are in the kitchen, most of the time you have to move from one point to another to do different things. The bar stools provide you with a resting place while you are waiting for something to boil and they make it easier for you to get up quickly when you do not want your chicken to overcook.

Bar stools are also very economical when it comes to space utilization, making them ideal for small kitchens. Since you move around the kitchen quite often, you will need adequate space to avoid hurting yourself or causing some kind of damage to your kitchen furniture. Using stool bars will offer you a place to relax while you are preparing meals, without hindering your movements too much. Their utilization of space also ensures that you will accommodate as many individuals as possible at your home bar.

Types and styles of bar stools

At present, there are countless styles of bar stools available on the market. Regardless of the design and size of your kitchen or home bar, you will easily find a bar stool that meets your needs. Modern designs of bar stools have leaned towards the higher designs that are well over the 30-inch mark and considerably high lower footrests.

Using these designs will make the room appear slightly dramatic, don’t you think? Of course, the type of stool bars you will have in your kitchen will depend on the design of your house. If you have a low ceiling, then it is best to use middle range bar stools of 25 to 30 inches. If you have a high ceiling, then you will enhance its beauty by using high bar stools well over the range of 30 inches.

The material to go for

The type of material is the one of the determining factor on what kind of bar stools you will have in your kitchen or home bar. Fortunately, many stool bars today are made of high quality, durable material, and are available at low prices. Classic stool bars are normally made of deeply rich, toned wood that gives your kitchen a classic look. However, these days, it is common to see bar stools made of metal, which increase its sturdiness. Such stools are widely used in restaurants and clubs, where durability is their strongest asset.

Traditionally, bar stools use to be coming in a minimalistic design, but now experts are cushioning them in an effort to increase their comfort factor. Recent designs use polyurethane for cushioning while older designs use other types of materials. Before you settle on the type of bar stool you want to purchase, make certain that you have gone through the various options available to you. You might be surprised at how many you have not yet come across!


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