What is the best console game to play on Wii U

Fri, Apr 6, 2018


What retro console/device was it originally released for?

And why is it your favorite?

[–]BadFishCM 35 точки

LoZ: The Minish Cap

Never got a chance to play it till the Wii U. It was a great experience.

[–]81toogNNID [Region] 20 точки

Zelda II: The Adventure of Link (NES).

This was the first Zelda game that I ever played for the NES back in 1988 and playing the game brings back a lot of nostalgia for me. The game is critized in hindsight because it’s seen as so different from the rest of the series. At the time of its release it was not seen as the “black sheep” of the series as some see it today because there was no precedent besides Zelda I. It was praised for its side-scrolling action platforming and integration of RPG elements. I think it still holds up as a good game today, specifically the 2-D combat. The main knock against it is the difficulty, which can be circumnavigated with the virtual console save states.

[–]sozar 11 точки

I love to hate this game. Beating it is one of my goals before I die… when I was 7-8 I could get pretty far but at 33 the situation is pretty sad.

[–]flyinb11 4 точки

That’s the truth for many of these classic games, for me now. Even games that I used to beat blind folded.

[–]DanaLovesVidyaNNID [Region] 5 точки

I look back to when I was four or five and still can’t believe I beat Contra back to back to back, even with the Konami code. Gaming is still life, but it feels like I was able to get into it more when I was a kid; feel more immersed. I’m sure I’d be able to beat Contra again, but I wouldn’t actually place any bets on it.

[–]flyinb11 3 точки

Agreed. Picked it up on my 3ds a while back and was shocked at how hard it was. Can’t believe my friend and I used to beat that over and over again.

[–]MoistPockets 1 точка

Beating a boss automatically levels you up, so the key is to maximize your level ups and grind at specific points throughout the game. A walkthrough helps big time.

[–]politicalstuff 4 точки

Hell yes. Great game and also played it a lot as a kid. Finally beat it on VC with the help of save states.

[–]AlinierNNID [Region] 6 точки

Learning enemy patterns and strats isn’t that hard and movement is very smooth. The bullshit comes from things like “Look under the table for a mirror” that’s only ever a thing that happens once or “I hope you have the Thunder Spell for the bird boss or else I guess you’re out of luck!” I’d recommend playing with at least an overworld guide.

[–]LegendOfJuanLegendOfJuan [US] 5 точки

It’s not that bad, I actually enjoyed it a lot and I played/beat it when I was 12.

[–]TheFailedExperimentNNID [Region] 19 точки

Personally I love playing FE7 and 8 on virtual console, cause as a filthy casual, the save states are great. They let me just go back a few turns when a unit dies instead of having to redo the entire chapter which is much appreciated.

[–]Jakeremix [резултатът е скрит]

I have FE8 on my 3DS and there’s no save states ):

[–]AlinierNNID [Region] 11 точки

This was a huge deal to finally have a legal way to own/play Earthbound without selling one of your kidneys. It was awesome that the guidebook was uploaded in its entirety too!

[–]jupiterparlance 10 точки

The GBA version of Super Mario Bros. 3, because it includes all of the really bizarre e-Card levels. Sort of like Mario Maker levels before Mario Maker existed.

[–]flotador7 7 точки

Sin & Punishment for the N64.

Just a stellar game that wasn’t even released in this side of the world until the wii. Awesome soundtrack.

[–]thoma5natorthoma5nator [EU] 3 точки

The sequel is a damn good shooter too

[–]flotador7 3 точки

Hell yeah it is, both games are hidden gems.

Beating any in hard difficulty, damn… I can’t even count the hours and times I got killed; but oh the satisfaction at the end…

Get bonus!

[–]DarkJamDDarkJamD 8 точки

Ogre Battle 64. I enjoy capturing forts and changing classes for my characters.

[–]Darthshaburn 1 точка

This is mine, too. Ocarina is my favorite 64 game, but I can play it on 3ds any time, and OB64 is a close second for me. Being able to play it on the game pad while the kids watch a movie or play one of the Switches is awesome. Hoping it gets the same treatment on Switch if/when they release VC.

[–]funkalici0us 6 точки

Pokemon Snap. I can only imagine how awesome a Wii U reboot would’ve been using the GamePad.

[–]YungYason 4 точки

Duck Hunt. Only way to play it on a hd tv.

[–]PhaxdaNNID [Region] 2 точки

What’s the best way to shoot some quackers on the old regular Wii?

Looks like FCE Ultra will do this but I couldn’t find a virtual console WAD, bummer. Glad I still have my guns, will just cough up to play on Wii U.

[–]martinfiggs 4 точки

Super Mario 64 on the Nintendo 64! So great having save states. Also it gave my absolute favorite Mario music to date…Dire Dire Docks!

[–]mjselvigmjselvig [EU] 4 точки

I was really surprised by Donkey Kong 64. I have never played it before, but I really enjoyed it. Got pretty far, but gave it up for other games. So little time.

[–]Galemp 2 точки

I earned the 102% on that game on the N64. Then put it down and swore I would never play it again.

I’m tempted sometimes… the armadillo boss is fun, and the Frantic Factory soundtrack is an earworm… but so far I’m clean.

[–]mjselvigmjselvig [EU] 1 точка

I might try to emulate it with a controller to get back in. Sadly put my Wii U up for sale.

[–]yonicozac 4 точки

Metroid Fusion. Because the game pad is like a big gba

[–]Galaxian1980 3 точки

Super Punchout, SNES. Mostly for the nostalgia feels and how fun it is to KO those suckers after still remembering their fight patterns after so many years. Good times. ????????

[–]Santi76 3 точки

Donkey Kong Country, the original. I was never able to beat this as a kid so it was nice to be able to use save states so I got 2 actually see the whole game. No more replaying levels constantly because I kept running out of Lives.

[–]krug96 1 точка

Super mario advance 4, exclusive features Drill dozer, rumble features Super mario 64 DS All the ace attorney games, i like playing it on the big screen, it feels better than the wiiware versions to be honest Resident evil deadly silence on the gamepad Most DS and gba games, i prefer playing on a tv

[–]zunetracks 1 точка

I’ve been playing Street Fighter II: The World Warrior a LOT lately. That game was so awesome back in 1991.

[–]ajschwag 1 точка

Advanced Wars. Game is an outright strategic blast!

[–]HolyThunderPunch 1 точка

I have a tie.

Final Fantasy Advanced or Mario and Luigi Superstar Saga.

[–]Caloricfoil98 1 точка

Earthbound! It wanted to play it a few years prior to when it came out, but the prices for the cartridge were (and still are) freaking insane (we’re talking about a game so expensive, $100 is practically a bargain). So when I looked on the eShop one day and saw it there, it was an instant download!

I’ve completed it 3 times since then. One of my favorites of all time

[–]thezarsZarsathustra [NA] [резултатът е скрит]

Metroid Zero Mission. Super Metroid is really good too, but I think that NES and SNES ports are just a little laggy. The GBA emulator is really good, though.

[–]csolisrArkBlitz [NA] 0 точки

Super Mario 64 DS (for the DS of course, and earlier for the 64).

…but only as an entry point to play modded Smash from there, sorry

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