Why Children Hate Sleeping

Thu, Feb 9, 2012


There are various theories that have been put forward regarding the subject of why children seem to hate bedtime so much. It is often a battle that parents find, when attempting to get young children to go to bed in order to get a good night’s sleep. A large part of it, it has been suggested, is that children do not want to go to bed because they feel left out. This is understandable, since it is likely that there are older children still awake, who have been permitted to stay up later. Children’s desire to be with their parents is also likely to make they feel left out, once they have been banished and sent to their room on their own. If they are not tired when they go to bed it is also understandable why children may feel bored when they are sent there, and refuse to stay in their rooms.

One way to stop children hating bedtime so much is to make it fun for them. Because they are being told to stay in bed, it makes sense that they should be encouraged to do this in other ways. There are many novelty beds on sale today, which can make the bedtime experience a fun thing for the child, and something that they may even look forward to. For boys, a popular novelty bed is that which is shaped like a racing car. These beds often also come with a wheel, which encourages the child to see getting into bed as a fun activity. For little girls there are various ways that the bed can be customized, for example with a canopy or a pretty bedspread. Decorations such as this will make the child feel special. The appeal of sleeping on the top of a bunk bed is also a tradition that will never wear thin, for children of both sexes.

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