Armchair from Leaves – Ivy Chair by h220430

Fri, Oct 2, 2009


The Ivy Chair can replace the flowers on the window-sill, just like artificial sun in the solarium, artificial love on the internet, artificial life in online games. And now we have the artificial nature in the apartments, where there are no longer only for decorate.
This chair - substitute, called Ivy Chair, is made by the Japanese design studio h220430. And the chair, not only looks as entangled in the leaves. If you touch it, the impression is like touching true leaves – so unusual material used to create a “vegetation”.

So, the good sides are, you not only have a place to seat, but also a plant that don`t need water, fertilize or sunlight. It is interesting only if is convenient to sit. And yet, whether the designers are planning to expand the color range of the armchairs as soon as they are available.

Ivy Chair by h220430

Ivy Chair by h220430

Ivy Chair by h220430

Ivy Chair by h220430

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