Casa 360 – Round House in Madrid by Subarquitectura

Fri, Aug 20, 2010

Minimalist Home

Spanish architects Subarquitectura have recently completed the Casa 360 – amazing round house, located in Madrid, Spain. The minimalist house is a downhill ramp, created with winding movement. The house has great panoramic view at the landscape. Very modern and sleek, this home immediately grabs the attention. The building is black on the outside. Covered with slates from local material, proposed as a specific aesthetic of the area. Inside the home is white, neutral and bright.

More info from the architects:

“A unique opportunity for us is actually a problem that has been raised a thousand times: building a house with a public program of social relations associated with the private lives of a large family in a sloping terrain, with spectacular views of the mountains on the outskirts of Madrid. There is no single solution, there are many, were even listed in a book about the homes on slopes.

We try not to think about domestic space. On the contrary, we take as a reference points the road intersections and changes of direction. We start from the solutions to the problem of falling, solutions that have hidden a great plasticity. We seek the poetic in everything that will be considered simply from the pragmatic point of view.

The result is a literal construction of a diagram of uses. In this instance, the form does not follow the function, but it is the function itself. Its formal complexity gives the possibility to reach all parts of the house through two different routes, which increase the possibilities of use. It has the shape of a loop at 360 °, as the form generated by skaters, as artistic as accurate.”

Project: Private House

Architects: Subarquitectura

Location: Galapagos, Madrid, Spain

Date: 2009

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