Casa Rodriguez by Nicolas Loi

Sun, Oct 24, 2010

Beach Home

When it comes to beach house, we make an association with bottomless sea and endless beaches. In a place like this is located Casa Rodriguez – spacious residence, work of architect Nicholas Loi. This modern house, perched on the hillside, offers magnificent sea views. The home is located in the resort Tunquеn, Chile. The entrance to the plot of 5000 square meters is located in the lower part, but the house is situated very high – to provide more extensive ocean views.

Position and orientation of the field determine the plan of the house – it must be open to the south, to captures the sea view, but with north windows to let the sunsets in. To achieve this, Nicholas creates designs based on three components:

- Frame from columns and beams is a skeleton of the house, protecting from the wind outside spaces of the dwelling as entrances and terraces.

- Three volumes are built within this framework that contains the most important areas of the house – living room and bedrooms.

- Three additional volumes are associated with each of the three main living spaces.

This solved the needs of the clients who demanded a general living room with kitchen, two bedrooms and half covered terrace. The configuration of the three main volumes generates three intermediate levels, balcony, lobby and corridor between two bedrooms.

The construction of the house is from pine wood – varnished for the fa?ade and natural for the interior.

For more information, please visit the website of Nicholas Loi.

Architect: Nicolas Loi/Loi Architects

Location: Tunquеn, V Region, Chile

Floor area: 5,000 m2

Built Area: 180 m2

Project Year: 2007

Construction Year: 2009

Materials: Pine impregnated

Photo: Marcos Mendizabal

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