Exclusive Interior Design by Marcel Wanders

Mon, Feb 1, 2010

Modern Home

Interiors of the Dutch designer Marcel Wanders can be described with two words: Marcel Wanders. The designer is so recognizable that we would become boring if it wasn’t his style, demonstrating modern avant-garde in its finest form. “The style is for insecure,” he says, “We want to create.” Combination of old and new forms and lavish decorative elements with bright colors brings a different, more specific life to the spaces.

The Project Villa Amsterdam is the first comprehensive private interior of the designer and can only be described with one word – redundant. Fortunately, it is piled with Marcel Wanders. The white walls and ceiling soften the effect of heavy decorations and transformed the neo-baroque style in delicate renaissance of the detail. Maybe it is an act of vanity to fill up 120m2 with own products, but there is nothing wrong if everybody fall in love with your work. And what better place for a little interior romance!

Exclusive Interior Design by Marcel Wanders

Exclusive Interior Design by Marcel Wanders

Exclusive Interior Design by Marcel Wanders

Exclusive Interior Design by Marcel Wanders

Project: Villa Amsterdam

Location: Amsterdam, Netherlands

Project: Marcel Wanders studio

Leading designer: Marcel Wanders

Area: 120m2

Contact: www.marcelwanders.com

Photography: Marcel Wanders studio

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  1. D'Oliveira Says:

    That’s an impressive design!

    Their details reminds me two companies I found the other day, Boca do Lobo and Delightfull. Their furniture designs are like art pieces: http://www.bocadolobo.com/ and http://www.delightfull.eu/ .

    Love your Blog! Keep posting!

  2. Anna Says:

    I really really love this design! It’s impressive.
    Neo-baroque furniture are so fashion and contemporary…they create a perfect atmophere, don’t you think? I’m a huge fan of the italian design and my favourite brand is Sige Gold. The collection “the collector” is terrific. Love it

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