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Wed, Nov 10, 2010

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English company in.it.studios offers wide range of Garden Rooms. Modern, eco-friendly and customisable, a Garden Studio is simply an additional room for your home.  Not to be confused with a shed, in.it.studios are built using the same methods as a timber framed house and uses 100 mm rigid insulation throughout, multiple membranes and double glazed argon filled windows.  The Studios have heating, lighting, power sockets and there is even the option to incorporate WC’s, Bathrooms and Kitchens.

in.it.studios’ rooms are designed with Sustainability and Aesthetics at the forefront.  The high-end contemporary design is unrivalled through its unique frameless windows and doors and carefully considered structure.  Cedar clad Bi-folding doors glide to the side of the studio to open up the front elevation and bring the outside in.  Above the doors sits an attractive overhanging cantilevered roof which features eco-friendly Green Sedum ‘living’ plants.  A Sedum Blanket is more attractive than a typical felt roof and helps to introduce greenery into what is typically a Garden environment.

Sustainably sourced FSC and PEFC timber ensures that the building’s materials are from well managed forests.  in.it.studios is committed to creating environmentally friendly studios and rooms and excludes any use of PVC from its buildings, even down to the rainwater gutter!

The Garden Studio is the latest of designs by in.it.studios, whom are setting the way forward for sustainable timber construction across the UK.  Other pre-fab Garden Rooms are available from in.it, such as the Garden Office, Pavilion and Homes.  All buildings are custom designed projects and the studio rooms include sustainable features such as Sedum Green Roofs.  Made in house in the UK, the pre-fab buildings are erected in just a few weeks, making them an attractive alternative to gaining extra space without the hassle of other methods.

For more information visit www.initstudios.co.uk.

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