Globe Bench – The Next Design Innovation

Mon, Nov 9, 2009


Each person has his quirks, and this applies to all spheres of dining. Some people prefer to sit at the dinner table in a lotus position and other can not collect their staff in the evening, but does so in the morning. And for every habit designers help us find things that make life easier.

This sofa can not be called indispensable. Before it began a piece of furniture, the designers from the American company H. Studio or Haziza Studio, called it “bench”. Calculated it on people who prefer to lie down and pull up the legs to the very top. Perhaps this strangeness suffer many. Of course, sleep in this sofa not work – it is quite narrow (parameters are 187.18cm x 76.92cm x 187.18cm), and there is the risk of falling to the floor. Despite the strangeness of such furniture can be just to be sure of one thing – rounded bench will be popular to all who go down into the room. I’m sure many will want to buy this sofa for their living rooms, especially when they know that can choose what material it is upholstered, of which will be made, the legs from acryl, wood or steel and so on. After all, not every company gives us such a wide choice, but here we get it. This is all a matter of taste!

Globe Bench - The Next Design Innovation

Globe Bench - The Next Design Innovation

Globe Bench - The Next Design Innovation

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