How to Arrange Flowers in the House

Thu, Nov 5, 2009


Plants are living objects in the house and approach of placing flowers in the house must be serious. For the beneficial effects of plants on human, worth follow certain rules and observations, for example, the ancient science of Feng Shui. You probably noticed how in the same place the flower fades, but when are rearranged into another room, they grow again. Here are some simple tips for placement of flowers and plants at home.

Plants in home

1. Thorny plants are better to keep away from home or away from the front door. Farther from the entrance is better.

2. Be careful with bonsai plants. Feng Shui says that bonsai impede the flow of energy in your home.

3. Fresh flowers in the home attracts good luck. Ideally, fresh flowers should always be kept in the living room.

4. Avoid dried flowers in the house. Dried flowers can bring trouble. Instead of the positive energy of fresh flowers, you can get the negative energy of the dry flowers.

5. Do not put fresh flowers in the bathroom. There is not enough natural sources of color and flowers there would not be very comfortable.

6. Do not get carried away many plants in the bedroom, they can deprive you of peaceful sleep.

7.  If a couple wants to have a baby, it is best to avoid flowers and plants in the bedroom. It is better to change them with fruits, they are a sign of fertility.

How to arrange flowers in the house?

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