Luxury Greek House by Nikos Koukourakis

Thu, Jul 22, 2010

Luxury Home

Greek architect Nikos Koukourakis designed this house in Dionysos, near Athens, Greece . The main architectural thought was to design a modern house with straight lines and big openings to a flat garden. This enables the natural light to travel through every space of the house, reducing the amount of energy needed to illuminate the house. Furthermore the house was designed and built according to green architectural choices of materials used.

The continuous optical dialogue between the inside and the outside is achieved by the 3.50m (each panel) sliding windows that appear in the main elevation.  The house was first designed in every detail in a computer 3-D model, which allowed to have a better understanding of the building’s interaction with the environment.

The building dominates with its clean-cut lines, while its volume is split, without being dissolved, from the rich perimetric openings giving to it an airy sense via to their exposure to natural light. The big glass surfaces leave a permanently open dialogue with outside, without creating the least sense of isolation in the interior of the house.

Visit the website of Nikos Koukourakis.

Source: Contemporist

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