Original Shelves for Books from Letters

Mon, Nov 2, 2009


Shelves can be very original!  But to call this project a shelf is not quite true. Rather, this is a rack for books, because the shelves are usually hang on the wall, but not sitting on the floor. Each part of this book-shelf is made in the form of letters, heaped one on another, and form something like a roller coaster. And the letters are located in a chaotic manner. Of course, too many books on such “alphabetical” shelf does not fit, as not in every letter got big books.

This book-shelf is designed by the Netherland designer Pieter de Leeuw. Тhe designer dared to challenge the owners to decide what is more important – the fact that the entire home library will not fit on the shelves, or whether – the original look of the project is really an interesting idea and deserves the attention.

Original Shelves for Books from Letters


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