Tips for Giving Your Home a Bohemian Feel

Tue, Feb 18, 2014


The Bohemian trend is very popular for interiors this season. Almost the antithesis to the streamlined and sleek Scandinavian trend that has been so ubiquitous for the past four or five seasons, there are areas where these two trends can overlap and work in conjunction with each other. If you already have a Scandinavian inspired living area, therefore, you could very easily update it to feel more bohemian without too much time or expense. All you need is a few clever styling tricks! If you choose to give your interior a bohemian make over then there’s no need to worry about color coordination and you don’t have to choose which details you’d like to focus on: more is definitely more with this vintage inspired trend. So where do you start with giving your interiors a bohemian make over? Here are a few tips:

1. Fill Your Space

There are no blank walls or empty spaces in a bohemian room. Bohemian spaces are cluttered and busy. Sofas are covered in luxurious pump cushions, walls have elaborated framed pictures and portraits, and shelving units are display areas for an array of ornaments and figurines. One quick fix to give you home a bohemian feel, therefore, is to maximize your clutter. Fill your space with all the trinkets and clutter you love. To make this look bohemian rather than simply mayhem though, try to keep all the accessories to one style or color palette: rich metallic and golds are a popular and very effective choice.

2. Replace Just One Piece of Furniture

Antique and vintage furniture is a key feature of the bohemian home. The straight lines of modern furniture simply don’t marry with the over-the-top style this trend demands. Obviously replacing all of your living room furniture is an expense most people simply can’t afford, so instead pick just one piece of furniture to replace with a vintage piece that will really stand out. That piece could either be your sofa, coffee table, or a functional dresser. Wood furniture is probably the best pick, as it is easier to restore and often looks best when it has a few flaws and a worn feel. If vintage furniture isn’t to your taste you could also consider new furniture that has been vintage-inspired. This works particularly well for sofas, as good quality vintage ones are hard to find. If you choose to get a new sofa for your bohemian living room then there are a few rules to follow: either leather or sumptuous velvet are great fabric choices, as these are the best and most decadent bohemian fabrics. Choose colors that are dark and rich rather than anything pastel or neutral. If you already have a streamlined Scandinavian sofa that you don’t want to replace then you could always cover it in a plethora of velvet cushions instead.

3. Make Use of Color

If your ideal living room comes in fifty shades of grey or white then the bohemian trend is not the right trend for you. This trend is a riot of color accented by gold and layered in a wide variety of textures. Think leather, velvet, fur and brocade in shades of fuchsia, aubergine and rich mustard. Don’t be afraid to add a strong color to your walls: you could even contrast brightly painted walls with a brocade papered feature wall if you really want to capture the essence of the trend perfectly. The more color and texture you use, the richer your d?cor will feel.  The key to getting this trend right is to grab interest immediately with color and keep hold of it with detail.

4. Become a Collector            

Finally, capturing bohemian style isn’t just putting the right paint of the walls and buying new furniture. True bohemian style is about capturing the essence of a life well-traveled and a life well lived. Therefore to really pull of the boho style with authenticity you have to become a collector: bring back interesting ornaments and pieces of art work from your vacations. Collect vintage postcards to display haphazardly around your living area. The best bohemian rooms are owned by people living bohemian lifestyles: why not give it a try?

Writer: Melissa Claridge

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