Wooden House in Moscow, Russia by Akant Architects

Mon, Jul 19, 2010

Cottage Home

Russian architects from studio Akant completed this house in 2008. Situated on old site in Podrezkovo, Moscow with many trees, the most interesting aspect of this house is the constructive scheme. It consists of two parts: a two storey wooden house with size of the beams 270 x 200 mm and а 3 m columns, which surround the house and bear the roof. Hallway is made of a wooden frame with insulation.

The house has two floors with a total area of 350 m2. On the first floor there are living room with a terrace, dining room with a kitchen, guest unit with bathroom, lounge with staircase, hallway and utility room. On the second floor are the master bedroom with bathroom, two cloakrooms and two cabinets. From the bedroom and bathroom there is an exit to the balcony.

Project: Private House

Location: Podrezkovo, Moscow, Russia
Architecture: Fedor Arzamanov, Tatiana Brodach, Akant
Construction: 2008
Living area: 350 m2
Photography: Akant

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